Faculty dedicated to your success

One of the hallmarks of a Lancaster Seminary education is our world-class faculty of scholars, authors, preachers and teachers representing many different faith traditions. You will receive individual attention from faculty members who are first and foremost teachers dedicated to your educational success, guiding and nurturing you on the journey to becoming faith-filled leaders, seekers, and witnesses to truth.

Regular Faculty

Adjunct Faculty 2021-2022

Church History

Courtney Pace, PhD, MDiv, BS
Mark Scheneman, DMin, MA, BA

Educational Ministries

Kelsey Lambright, MDiv/MA, BA


Joshua Davis, PhD, MA, MTS, BA
Jennifer Lancaster, PhD, MAR, BA
Darryl W. Stephens, PhD, MDiv, BA

Ministerial Leadership

Brunilda Martinez, PhD, MA, BA
Michael Wilson, DMin, ThM, MDiv, BA
David Zwifka, JCD, MA, BA

Ministry Studies

Kathy Harvey Nelson, DMin, MDiv
Douglas Hill, MDiv, BA
Yoko Ueda, MDiv, STM, BS


Pastoral Theology

Nathan Baxter, MDiv, DMin
Jamie Eaddy, DMin, MDiv
Stephanie Van Deusen, PhD, LPC, MS, BA

Practical Theology

David Garlock, BA
Aimee Laramore, MBA, BA
Otis Moss III, DMin, MDiv, BA
J. Ryan Parker, PhD, MDiv, BA
Lawrence Peers, DMin, EdD, MTS, MA, BA
Kevin Ressler, MDiv, BA
Andrew Scales, PhD, MDiv, BA
Kevin Slayton DMin, MDiv, BS
Teresa Smallwood, PhD, MDiv, JD, BA
Shawn Strout, MPhil, MDiv, MA, BA
H. Dean Trulear, PhD, MPhil, BA
Lori Wagner, DMin, MDiv, BA


Randall Zachman, PhD, MDiv, BA