We strive to provide an environment in which all students have equal access to educational opportunities and the campus community. The Seminary makes it possible for students with documented disabilities to use reasonable auxiliary aids and services to ensure effective participation, provided such auxiliary aids and services meet licensing and accrediting standards and do not change program purposes or impact necessary skills.

Any request for accommodation or modifications is to be initiated by the student and must be supported by documentation that includes:

  • a recent diagnosis of the current impairment by a qualified, licensed professional;
  • how major life activities and/or learning are impacted by the impairment;
  • results of any testing to be reported in a descriptive, explanatory manner to substantiate a request for academic adjustment;
  • documentation of history of prior accommodation or modifications, if any.

Casual academic accommodations negotiated between individual professors and the student are not recognized under this policy.

A request for academic accommodation that comes late in the semester has no bearing on academic performance prior to the request.

Requests for accommodation must be made each semester, although documentation may be required only upon initial request.

Costs for diagnosis and/or testing are the responsibility of the student. Lancaster Theological Seminary reserves the right to conduct its own independent evaluation if it so chooses.

For more information contact:

Tracy Urban, Educational Specialist
Email: urbant@moravian.edu