Lark Society

The Lark Society recognizes the long-standing contributions of the Lark Family to Lancaster Theological Seminary. H. Wilson Lark served as a trustee of Lancaster Theological Seminary from 1933 to 1948 and was then elected as President of the Board of Trustees, where he served until 1959. H. Wilson and his wife, Grace Aucker Lark, established a legacy of service and philanthropy to Lancaster Theological Seminary that has been carried forward by the Lark family for generations. In 1976, four of H. Wilson’s children – Henry Lark, Frederick Lark, Emeline Lark Troutman, and Sarah Lark Twiggar – led a major effort to fund renovations to the Lark Building and the Lark Tower. Five years later, the family established a perpetual trust to provide for the ongoing restoration and maintenance of the historic building. Frederick Lark also continued his father’s legacy by serving on the Board of Trustees from 1976 until his death in 1984. Daughter, Isabel Lark, created the original artwork for the 2021 Epiphany card.

The Lark Family’s presence can be seen throughout the campus from the iconic Lark Academic Building to the Lark Bell Tower. They have been helping students see The Way Forward to a vibrant future for many generations.

The Lark Society comprises alumni, trustees, friends, parents, churches, organizations, faculty, staff, and students who believe in Lancaster Theological Seminary’s mission. Members of the Lark Society have supported Lancaster Theological Seminary with gifts of $1,000 or more during the last fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

Membership Benefits

* indicates deceased

Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Gene W. ’67 ’75 & Vivien Aulenbach
Ms. Rose A. Baer ’18
Mrs. Ann Barshinger
Dr. Rebekah Burch Basinger
Rev. Phyllis J. Baum ’95
Rev. Regina Bautista ’12
Mr. Brian Bodager
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Breisch
Brookside Community Church, UCC, Brookside NJ
Mr. Harry N. Brown *
Rev. Robert E. Brown ’73 *
Central Atlantic Conference, UCC
Christ United Church of Christ, Annville PA
Christ United Church of Christ, Elizabethtown PA
Church of the Apostles, UCC, Lancaster PA
Church of The Good Shepherd, Boyertown PA
Earl & Catherine Collier Memorial Fund
Rev. Robert A. Crane ’94
Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. & Sandy A. Cross
Rev. Dr. & Rev. Barbara Kershner ’83 ’96 & Ken Daniel
Karen Demby Ph.D.
Rev. & Mr. Virginia ’97 & Charles W. Deneka
Rev. Lary G. Diehl ’69
Rev. & Mrs. John F. Esbenshade Jr. ’71
Rev. James T. Fatzinger ’74
First United Church of Christ, Carlisle PA
First United Church of Christ, Salisbury NC
Mrs. Jo Anne Flick
Rev. Susan J. Foster ’87
Ms. Rebecca R. Fuchs ’08
The Fulton Family Foundation
Rev. Dr. & Mrs. John E. ’74 ’94 & Rogie Fureman
Garden City Community Church, UCC, Garden City NY
Dr. & Mrs. John H. & Susan Garofola
Rev. Milton E. Gockley Jr. ’52 ’66
Ms. Mary Ann Gregory
Mr. Jon M. Gruber Esq.
Rev. Mary Elizabeth Hartenstein ’03
Rev. Dr. Kathy Harvey Nelson ’03 ’19
Rev. Dr. John H. Heffner ’02
Dr. & Mr. Mary W. & Howard Helms
Ms. Linda Helmus ’00
Louise C. Hench Trust
Rev. Sara A. Hertzog ’06
Dr. & Mrs. Robert V. & Christina J. Iosue
Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Yardly Jenkins
Rev. Dr. Laverne R. Joseph ’64
Juniata Association
Rev. Nevin L. Kershner ’59 *
Rev. & Rev. Dr. Howard L. ’60 & Martha B. ’59 Kriebel
Mrs. Melissa Kuersteiner
Rev. Kathryn Kuhn ’07
Chaplain Harold C. Lamm ’56 *
Dr. William T. Lampe II
Lancaster Association of the UCC
Ms. Isabel W. Lark
Lark Academic Building Trust
Leonard External Trust
Mr. James S. Linderman
Rev. Joseph H. Lingenfelter ’67
Mrs. Marjorie R. Lohnes
Rev. Dr. Doyle A. Luckenbaugh ’65
Mr. Earlin Lutz
Rev. Dr. Philip A. Lynch ’78 *
Rev. Drs. Carol E. & Stephens Lytch
Dr. Francine G. McNairy-Nelson
Rev. Holly L. MillerShank ’04
Mrs. Lois Morgan
Mountain Rise UCC (Perinton), Fairport NY
Mt. Zion United Church of Christ, York PA
Myerstown United Church of Christ, Myerstown PA
Rev. Robert Hoffman Naylor ’70
Rev. John C. Oliphant ’59
Mr. Brian Oswald
Penn Central Conference, UCC
Penn Northeast Conference, UCC
Penn West Conference, UCC
Pennsylvania Southeast Conference, UCC
Rev. Dr. Paul R. Peters ’61
Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Riess W. Potterveld
The Powder Mill Foundation
Providence Baptist Church, Baltimore MD
Mr. & Mrs. John F. & Carol T. Pyfer
Quentin United Church of Christ, Quentin PA
Mr. & Mrs. Robert I. & Donna Rhoads
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Rodenberger
Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Rollin O. Russell
Salem United Church of Christ
Mary E. Santee Trust
Mrs. Kay Schellhase
Dr. & Mrs. Peter Schmiechen
Ms. Helen L. Schneider *
Rev. Dr. Anna C. Schoup ’57
Rev. Emily J. Schwenker ’08
Rev. Dr. Kenneth D. Sell ’54 *
Rev. Dr. Harry L. Serio ’66 ’92
Mr. Robert A. Siever
Joseph L. K. Snyder Trust
Solomon’s United Church of Christ, Chambersburg PA
St. John’s United Church of Christ, Slatington PA
St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, Fleetwood PA
St. Peter’s Pikeland, UCC, Chester Springs PA
Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Sterner ’71 ’80
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Stoner
Rev. Clarence L. Stumb ’72
Dr. and Mr. Anne T. & John Thayer
Mrs. Carole Tinklepaugh
Trinity United Church of Christ, East Petersburg PA
Trinity United Church of Christ, Hanover PA
Union Church, UCC, Neffs PA
Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster, Lancaster PA
United Church of Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill NC
Unity United Church of Christ, Shanksville PA
Joan & William Walkup Family Foundation
Rev. James M. Walters ’69
Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Ware
George J. Warmkessel Trust
Rev. Naomi Washington-Leapheart ’16
Dr. Francis H. Williamson ’62
York County Community Foundation
Rev. Dr. Janice Young
Mrs. Jeanette Yrigoyen
Mr. John D. Zimmerman
Zion Reformed Church, UCC, Chambersburg PA