Paul and Minnie Diefenderfer Professor of Mercersburg and Ecumenical Theology, Professor of Church History and Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program


  • BA, Wellesley College, 1979
  • MA, Episcopal Divinity School, 1989
  • AM, Harvard University, 1991
  • PhD, Harvard University, 1996

Dr. Anne T. Thayer is the Paul and Minnie Diefenderfer Professor of Mercersburg and Ecumenical Theology and Professor of Church History at Lancaster Theological Seminary. She received a PhD in Religion from Harvard University in 1996. As a teacher, she enjoys introducing students to primary sources in Church History and to major historical streams of Christianity in Living Christian Movements I. Her electives include Exploring Christian Mysticism, Mercersburg Theology, and Theology and Natural Science. Anne also chairs the Doctor of Ministry Committee and often teaches the Major Project Proposal Preparation class.

As a historian, Anne is particularly interested in late medieval and early modern Christianity, the history of preaching and pastoral care, and the popular communication of religious ideas. She is best known for Penitence, Preaching, and the Coming of the Reformation, a survey of late medieval printed model sermon collections and their function in preparing for the varying responses to Luther’s claim of justification by grace alone. Anne’s current research examines the marginalia of Thomas Swalwell, OSB, monk of Durham. Swalwell’s many annotated books are windows onto the life and work of a dedicated monk on the eve of the English Reformation. They reveal his lifelong scholarly studies, concern for the integrity of the clergy, administrative duties, and response to the impending religious changes. Anne is president of the International Medieval Sermon Studies Society and is active in a variety of other professional organizations including the American Academy of Religion, American Society of Church History, and Mercersburg Society.  She resides in Lancaster with her husband, John.

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications


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