Library Policies

The circulation period for books, audio-visual material, curriculum and items from the resource room is one month. All circulating items are subject to recall after two weeks if requested by another borrower and will be expected back in the library five days from the date of the recall notice. One-month renewals may be made by phone, by e-mail or in person. Periodicals and Reference materials must remain in the library so that they are available to all patrons.
Overdue items accumulate fines at the rate of 25-cents per day per item to a maximum of $15.00 per item. If the overdue item has not been returned and the maximum fine paid, the student will receive an invoice for the cost of the book plus $25 per item to cover ordering, cataloging and processing expenses. When fines have reached a total of $5.00 or greater, notices are sent out. Borrowing privileges are suspended when fines reach $15.00 or when any balance $5.00 or greater has been unpaid for 60 days or more.
All materials must be properly charged out at the Circulation Desk and returned there when due -- or to the front door dropbox during closed hours. The borrower who charges out a book is responsible for its return (or its replacement, if lost), even though it may have been given to another person.
Although not a public library, borrowing privileges are available for outside users. A photo ID card such as driver's license is necessary to establish identity at registration. An LTS library card will be issued. There is a limitation on the number of items outside users may borrow. The Library reserves the right to restrict library privileges.
High school students are welcomed individually for help with assignments pertaining to religious studies. However, when more than one student from any class is here simultaneously or sequentially on a school project, they must be accompanied by their teacher, with arrangements made in advance.
More specific circulation policies for different categories of users are provided in handouts available at the Circulation Desk.
Reserve books for student use are shelved in the area behind the circulation desk. Request all reserve materials from a member of the library staff. These materials are to be used in the Library for three hour periods during regular library hours. Reserves may be checked out overnight one half-hour before closing and must be returned within the first half-hour the library is open the following day. The fine for overdue reserve items is $1.00 per hour per item.
For LTS students, staff, faculty, and alumni/ae the library will request books and journal articles from other libraries that are not held in this library. There usually is no cost for books or copies of journal articles so obtained. Forms are found at the Circulation Desk.
For LTS alumni/ae, we will mail books that are requested.
For individuals seeking access to our materials, please request them through inter-library loan from your local library.
We do not loan items from our special collections. However you are welcome to visit our library and make use of those here. Use of these materials varies and application must be made to the Library Director. Contact him prior to coming to discuss your needs.
Ample study space in the form of carrels and tables is available to Seminary students and others making use of the Library collection.
Assistance with direction of your research, with library technology or other aspects of using the library is available during Seminary business hours. Outside these hours, the Library is serviced by Seminary students who have been trained to meet routine library user needs.
A copy machine is available for library patron use. Copies are 10-cents per exposure. This copier may be used in a variety of ways and serves as printer for public-use computers. A card vending machine is located in the same area as the copier.

Wireless access is available to LTS students. If you experience difficulty connecting to the wireless network, speak with a staff member. All patrons may have access to the LTS online catalog and  full-text databases while on campus.  Additionally, students, staff, and faculty may access the internet, email, and word processing from library computers.
Printing from computers is performed by the photocopier. Printing costs are paid by the library user through the venda-card system with each letter or legal size page charged at 10-cents.
The Z39.50 Information Retrieval Protocol (Z39.50/ISO 23950) is a computer protocol that defines a standard way for two computers to communicate for the purpose of information retrieval. A Z39.50 implementation enables one interface to access multiple library catalogs providing the end-user with nearly transparent access to other systems. The protocol specifies formats and procedures governing the exchange of messages between a client and server enabling the client to request that the server search a database and identify records which meet specified criteria, and to retrieve some or all of the identified records. Individuals may use Z39.50 with standalone client software which is available in both commercial and open source versions, or may use a web-based gateway that still uses Z39.50 but accepts input and presents record output in a web browser.
Access information
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