Faculty & Staff Directory

Augustine Apprey Campus Information Technology 717-290-8747 email  
Lee Barrett Professor of Systematic Theology 717-290-8703 email homepage
Teresa Benneian Financial Aid Officer/Counselor 717-290-8748 email  
Elizabeth P. Bennett Vice President of Operations & Finance 717-290-8713 email  
Richard Berg Professor / Director of Library Services 717-290-8704 email homepage
Kendal Brown Director of Admissions, Recruitment & Financial Aid 717-290-8737 email  
Greg Carey Professor of New Testament 717-290-8753 email  
Larry Covin Director of Continuing Education 717-290-8714 email  
Young Choi Controller 717-290-8700 email  
Katie Cort Library Administrative Coordinator 717-290-8742 email  
Kelly Davis Executive Assistant to the President 717-290-8701 email  
Cheryl DeMarco Project Manager, Lilly Grant for Managing Student Debt for Vitality in Life and Ministry 717-393-0423 email  
Siri Denlinger Housekeeper   email  
Paul Eyer Director of Alumni/ae and Church Relations 717-290-8705 email  
Elizabeth Gates Library Serials 717-290-8726 email  
Rachel Gawn Administrative Assistant. to Dean of the Seminary & Ministerial Formation 717-290-8723 email  
Rosemarie Germeyer Administrative Assist., Business Office & Advancement 717-290-8725 email  
Meg Graham Director of Marketing, Luce Theological Grant Manager 717-290-8702 email  
Joyce Hargrove Administrative Assistant to the Faculty 717-290-8750 email  
Judi Hummer Registrar and Director of Student Services 717-290-8718 email  
Carol Lytch President 717-290-8736 email  
Karen McKinnis Stewardship Manager 717-290-8729 email  
David M Mellott Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Seminary, Associate Professor of Practical Theology, and Director of Ministerial Formation 717-290-8754 email homepage
Crystal Mills Vice President of Advancement and Communications 717-290-8738 email  
Julia M O'Brien Professor of Hebrew Bible / Old Testament 717-290-8749 email homepage
Anabel Proffitt Associate Professor of Educational Ministries 717-290-8732 email homepage
Randy Riggs Community Engagement Liaison 717-290-8717 email  
Elizabeth Soto Coordinator of Field Education 717-290-8757 email  
Nahkia Stevens Administrative Assistant to the Faculty 717-290-8750 email  
Anne Thayer Professor of Church History 717-290-8721 email homepage
Virginia Whitaker-Brooks Assistant Director of Recruitment and Admissions, Assistant to the Dean of Students 717-290-8741 email  
Daphne Wiggins Visiting Professor 717-290-8720 email  
Victor Wright Director of Maintenance and Housekeeping 717-290-8745 email  
Jacquie Church Young Director of Leadership Now: Spiritual Formation with Youth / Adjunct Faculty 717-290-8724 email  
Charles Yrigoyen Director of United Methodist Studies 717-290-8716 email