Pastor-In-Residence Program



"Come with a clear idea of what you want to happen and some specific goals, . . . build in room for spontaneity and 'ah-ha' experiences.” 

“Informal time with seminary faculty and administrators gave me new insight into the challenges of theological education for our time.” 

“I was delighted in the way my gifts and experiences in parish ministry were accepted by the entire seminary community. I felt like I impacted the students and faculty alike.”

These are comments from past participants in the Pastor-in-Residence program at Lancaster Theological Seminary. Former Pastors-in-Residence have included those on sabbatical leave from their primary places of ministry, those who may be doing special research and others who may have just retired or are thinking about retirement. Each found ways to be enriched by participating in seminary life and contributing his or her own unique gifts to the Lancaster Seminary community.

In general, preference is given to pastors who are able to be on campus for the duration of either the fall term (September - December) or spring term (February - April. These timeframes provide the most exposure to students, faculty, courses and other events in the life of the Seminary. 

During their time at Lancaster Seminary, Pastors-in-Residence may sit in on regular courses, use the Seminary’s library as well as the library at nearby Franklin & Marshall College, attend special lectures, workshops and other continuing education events on campus, participate in chapel, and interact with students and faculty. Some Pastors-in-Residence have been called upon to preach in chapel, if they are willing, or to share their expertise during a class or through leading a “community hour” lecture. Depending upon availability, housing may be offered at a reduced rate. 

If you would like to be considered for the Lancaster Seminary Pastor-in-Residence program, complete the application form, indicating the specific dates you would like to be on campus and what you hope to accomplish during your time here. Some biographical information, a brief resume, and a reference from a judicatory representative (such as UCC Area Conference Minister, United Methodist District Superintendent, Presbytery Executive, etc.) should also be included.  

Deadlines for application are March 1 to be considered for the following Fall Term and October 1 to be considered for the following Spring Term.

Pastor-in-Residence Application Form